The Inspired Plate is celebrating our 1st Year as a group! Joining this food photography and styling group back in January 2012 was a much needed joy for me. Throughout this past year, our group of talented women has become not only friends but teachers, brainstormers, cheerleaders, and confidants to each other. I’m in for[…]

Hi you. I’ve got a story to tell. It’s about this little obsession I have with chili and lime. Don’t worry, I’ve put this obsession to good use.. Want to join in on taco night over at MY place? Here’s what you’ll get…Chili Lime Shrimp Tacos. (Okay okay.. if you come over, you also might get[…]

This month’s challenge from The Inspired Plate, our food styling and photography group, was to be INSPIRED by a favorite magazine cover. I loved a past issue of bon appétit‘s The Burger Issue, and put my own twist on their cover and recipes. Instead of traditional burgers, I created some truly delicious SLIDERS and some delectable additions. Burgers[…]

Look at this kid. He seems harmless, right? Well, he’s your worst nightmare if you’re a Dungeness crab… I loved witnessing my two-year-old’s adventure on the Harford Pier at Pt. San Luis. His exciting afternoon included talking back to a very loud Sea Lion and a brave battle with some crabs (by the way, we won the[…]